VCU Alert

On-campus emergency: 828-1234
Off-campus emergency: 911

Environmental safety

Environmental safety at VCU can be divided into two areas: communicable conditions and chemical spills and exposure. Communicable conditions primarily include the spreading of bacteria, viruses and other health conditions. It is recommended that you learn about current health threats (e.g., epidemic and pandemic conditions), wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, get a flu shot and try to isolate yourself from others when sick.

The VCU community uses various chemical and hazardous materials for cleaning, testing and research. When stored and maintained properly, these materials greatly benefit the community and provide minimal risk. However, there are situations in which accidents happen and must be treated cautiously.

If a chemical or hazardous material spill is noted, immediately notify the occupants and supervisor(s) in the area to facilitate evacuation if necessary. Additionally, call VCU Police at (804) 828-1234 and wait for further direction. Do not touch or otherwise engage the spill.

If anyone in the area begins to have difficulty breathing, headaches, blurred vision or irritation of the eyes, skin, throat or respiratory tract, evacuate the area immediately and call 911. Do not return to the area until instructed by the authorities.